About Colin Kendall

The upper painting is of the 2007 running of the annual Oxford-Cambridge University boat race on the river Thames from a viewpoint about half-way along the course at the village of Barnes. 
The  watercolour is from a trip to Barcelona - the 'crocodile' of well-behaved small children returning from a class trip to the Zoo was an irresistable subject for me.
I have been painting professionally for many years, and for over two decades combined this with teaching Fine Arts in England and my native New Zealand as a Head of Art and Design departments in a range of secondary schools. 
I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for and knowledge of the things I have learnt in my field over the years and particularly enjoy exploring the history of Art.   I enjoy the challenges of creating paintings of a wide range of subjects.  My clients include bloodstock owners, motor racing enthusiasts, owners of interesting or unique buildings, marine and aviation enthusiasts and farmers  Portraiture is a special interest of mine, particularly portraits of enthusiasts doing what they are passionate about .. 
, I use only the best available pigments and surfaces for painting and all mounting and framing is carried out using the best of conservation-quality materials.
I enjoy working with clients to ensure their commission expresses their wishes completely.
File images of my paintings are available by email on request. and many of my images are available as Limited Edition Prints.